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Mothers For TBI Hope
Totes of Comfort & Hope Program

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The Beginnings of Mothers For TBI Hope

Tracy Porter’s family went through this experience when her 16 year old son suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a result of a car crash in Jacksonville, FL in 2004. While her son was in the first year of recovery, she came to learn just how many other families had shared the same experience of going through the event with very little being provided by the hospital to help the family through the very early first days. Patient care is the primary focus of any hospital and providing round the clock medical care for the most severely injured is no easy task. She wanted to find a way to help the hospitals by providing just the basic items for the immediate family and so she developed the Totes of Comfort & Hope Program. A unique, comprehensive, compassionate, and tangible way to help the family of the injured patient through the first frightening days of this experience.

Totes of Comfort & Hope Program
The organization began with the name Mothers Against Brain Injury, Inc. or MABI. In 2011, rather than having the name signify being " against" Brain Injury,  the Board of Directors changed the name to signify being "For" Hope and thus the name changed to Mothers For TBI Hope. We realize that Fathers, Spouses, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters, Grandparents, and Friends are also in need of Hope. It was a Mother who founded the organization and it is undeniably the Mothers who Tracy learned face the unthinkable no matter how old their child is at the time of injury.

Reusable tote bags filled with personal toiletries, comfort items, useful tools, statewide resources, information about Brain Injury hospitalization and rehabilitation, along with stories of hope and encouragement from others, are lovingly packaged and kept on hand at participating Trauma Center hospitals where they are provided for free to one immediate family member of any person transported with a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) within the first 24 hours of arrival.

How It Works

The Totes of Comfort & Hope Program
is funded solely by public donations, grant opportunities, and Corporate Sponsorship of items inside the totes. Anyone who has been through this event or who know someone who went through this injury can help by donating $25 and sending a short note of comfort, prayer, and encouragement which will be placed in a tote they funded so families newly experiencing will know they are not alone!  This unique program, created in Florida in 2005, has been effective in helping hospital systems meet  trauma center standards in the areas of Psychosocial Support, Outreach, and Quality Management while also helping the hospitals move toward a more family centered care model. 

This program helps develop a more positive relationship between the medical community and the family by comforting and educating families in the most compassionate way. We believe the  overall perception of patient care is elevated when the family members are provided this level of compassion during such an emotionally difficult experience.
Not only does the patient benefit by having a better informed and prepared family to guide them in their recovery, the hospital staff will witness a return sense of helping by having the ability to comfort & console family members without taking time away from critical patient care. The personalized extension of services can only add value to the services acute care hospitals already provide. 



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