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Mothers For TBI Hope
Totes of Comfort & Hope Program

Letters from the Heart

We know that families experiencing this injury are under a great deal of emotional stress at the time they receive our tote bags. Many of these families choose to contact Tracy Porter through the 800-TBI-HOPE line while others choose to write weeks, months, and sometimes years after coming through this life changing event. 
 Professionals working with the families also write to thank us for helping to prepare families for the road ahead-their letters are shared here as well.

  As of November 2013, thousands of letters and cards have been received-here are just a few

My brother suffered a TBI May 17, after falling 20 feet from a tree in Orlando. He broke many vertebrae and ribs, and punctured a lung as well. We received our bag from MABI at ORMC right away, and I cannot begin to tell you how much that meant to us. When the family was so vulnerable, it was such a comfort to think that others cared. Just wanted to tell you that Dennis came home from rehab last Thursday. Hallelujah!

Thank you so very much



This past weekend I spent at Orlando Regional Medical Center in the Trauma Unit where my nephew is recovering from a traumatic brain injury.  As you know, just the few days there, I learned much about TBI.  I was so impressed by the tote bags that you put together for families, that I came back to my hotel and wanted to help. 

Thank you for your wonderful work; it meant so much to my family.  




Good morning Ms. Porter:

I have a co-worker whose son recently experienced a traumatic brain injury.  He is at Delray Beach Medical Center.  Our co-worker is so appreciative of the tote bag she received.  When we asked what we can do to help her and her family, she said she wanted to give back to families in her situation.  She said the items were so helpful especially the journal.  We are in the processing of collecting donations for the Tote Bag Program.   

Thank you so much for such a wonderful organization.  Blessings to you and your family.

Thank you,



Dear Tracy:

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful tote bag that I received from Halifax Health Center in Daytona, Florida.  My son sustained a traumatic brain injury on March 5th while practicing at the Daytona Supercross Race.  Our day started out just like any other day.  Never to my wildest dreams would I of thought my son would have been hurt so badly doing something he loves and has been doing his entire life.  The accident happened when he was going about 2 mph and hit his head just the right way to sustain the critical brain injury. While we were at Halifax Health Center, the nurses brought the tote to me.  I had plenty of time to review all the wonderful information the bag contained and I’m constantly referring to it.  You thought of everything, the pillow, blanket, snacks and toiletries. The bag has so inspired me that I want to work with you to help promote brain injury and reach out to other families that will be faced with this injury.

Once again Tracy, I loved hearing your story and cannot thank you enough for your support, concern and heart that you put into each one of the bags.  You are a Class Act!

Sincerely with Love,



 Dear Sweet Tracy!!!!  I have got to tell you what a life saver the bag that I received at U&F Shands was to me. We live in SE Georgia and had nothing with us when this all happened and I refused to go home while she was there!! Your bag was so comforting!!!  My 19 year old and 6 year old daughters were on an ATV ride when they wrecked. The 6 year old fell off before the ATV flipped but it landed straight on my 19 year old. The little one ran 1/8th of a mile to the house to tell us she could not breath and needed HELP! Assisting for sure in saving her life!!!!! Our little HERO!!!!

Her chest was crushed and it slammed her head onto the rocky ground. Life flighted from Brunswick Ga. 95 truck stop and upon arrival we were told she was a 4 on the coma scale and she would more than likely need intensive rehab!!!!  She had Two bruises on her frontal lobes of her brain with major swelling and a fracture in the back, two perforations in her right ear drum, 2 bruised lungs with an upper lobe collapse, and a bruised heart. Devine Intervention took place WE PRAYED TO OUR AWESOME GOD NOT NOT LET HER HAVE MORE INJURIES THAN HER BODY COULD HANDLE!!!! HE ANSWERED US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been very blessed she was released from the hospital 16 days later, walking talking!


With Much Love,  



 Recently my mom was hit by a driver while a passenger on a motorcycle. She was flown from the back of the motorcycle over 100ft. She was in a coma for about a month and then slowly after 4 months she finally gained consciousness enough to talk and start to function on her own. The accident happened on Halloween and it is now mid- April. Fortunately i was lucky enough to receive the wonderful bag provided at Bayfront Medical and Mothers Against Brain Injury. I am only 23 and have had to deal with this ordeal from long distance as i live in PA and i dont know what I’d do without the books and information provided to me in your wonderful bags, as well as the helpful travel equipment for the long drives from PA to Florida."

"I also want to THANK MABI for posting the amazing link for at home therapy ideas.  Thank you so much for your continued care and advancements in this direction."

If there is anything going on for MABI or any fundraisers, I would be interested in volunteering my time while I am in the area. Thanks again for everything!" "I have recommended the book provided in the bag to most of my family members and it has helped us all in so many ways

Thanks everybody i really wanted to share a little bit of my story. for anyone unsure of what will happen try to be patient.. its the hardest thing to do, but life works in mysterious ways.

Thanks again.



Feb 28, 2011- Posted on facebook    Hello Family, Friends & Co-Workers,

 As most you already know at 4 weeks old, my baby Caleb suffered TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).   On May 2, 2010 Caleb was immediately transported from Holmes Regional Hospital to Arnold Palmer Hospital.  Within a couple of hours I was brought into a small room with a Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, several others Doctors and the hospital Chaplain.  I was told Caleb had suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, and they found several bleeds around his brain.  Listening to these specialists explain the seriousness of his injuries was excruciatingly painful for me.  I thought I was in a nightmare.  It was so surreal and at that exact moment I wasn't sure how I would go on.  Caleb was admitted into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit that night. 

 Within a couple of days I received a canvas tote bag from Mothers Against Brain Injury.  I was very appreciative, but at that moment I wasn't ready to go through the bag or read any information.  Several days later I began to look through this Tote Bag which was filled with so much information and personal care items.  The first few items I pulled out were a Fleece Blanket and Pillow.  As I looked through the tote there was an abundance of information on TBI, available resources in my area, letters of encouragement, a journal, and much more.  I was so very thankful, and I knew I would need to take advantage of all these resources that were given to me.  Thinking back almost a year later I am so happy that I received that Tote Bag from Mothers Against Brain Injury.  I remember feeling hopeful reading stories of families that went through similar experiences, having a loved one suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury.  We all had suffered the same pain in our hearts.  Along with God, close family and friends, MABI helped me get through a very difficult time.  I will be forever grateful to Tracy Porter and MABI.  

Franky Melbourne, FL


Hi Tracy! 

John is home - and we are truly blessed.  He woke up after 9 weeks.  We got him into Spaulding - thanks in no small part to your guidance.  He was at Spaulding for about 1 week when he started to speak.  He answered questions in full sentences - it was absolutely amazing.  We really feared that he would remain in a vegetative state.  I have never known such sorrow and fear. When he woke up, he just kept going just like you said.  He was in Spaulding from April until July, then in a nursing home in RI for 1 month until we could get him to Neuro Restorative in Massachusetts for another 3 months.  Then on October 15 he came home.  He is now in outpatient rehab at Sargent Center which specializes in brain injury.

John is doing very well - he is walking, talking, reading, and writing.  His balance is off walking, and he has nerve damage in his left arm and hand.  His cognitive functions are still being tested and results are coming on 12/20 after 9 hours of testing.  He has executive functioning and judgment and decision making problems - so has needed 24/7 supervision until last week.  Now he can be home for 4 hours starting this week. There are many anger issues and mood swings now that we are learning to deal with.  It is so difficult to put myself in John's shoes, but I am trying.  He knows his life has changed, and I suspect that he thought when he returned home, things would go back to normal.  It is a very difficult journey. 

Tracy - thank you so much for all your support, suggestions, care, understanding.  And thank you for keeping in touch.  I don't know what I would have done without your help in the beginning. 
Warm regards,


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